The Scar

By Mike Boring

It was a hot balmy day on the outer banks of North Carolina. The day of diving had been no less than spectacular. The sun baked Atlantic Wreck Divers were enjoying the air conditioned comfort of the Buckley's motor home and continuous rounds of exotic, unique, frozen, blended mixed drinks, courtesy of Ms. Penny Buckley. Gin flowed as freely as Ron Wallace jokes.

Unknown to Ms. Penny, the blender's main rotor coupler bearing seal had failed and the special purpose blender lubricant drained into the all metal housing of the Host Master 3250A commercial blender. Turning at more than 30,000 rpm, the heat was beginning to build on the now dry rotor coupler bearing. It should be noted that the Host Master 3250A is no "sport drinkers" blender. This is a commercial, heavy duty "technical drinkers" model intended for continuous service. There were no plastic parts. Everything was metal. It was manufactured by a subsidiary of Detroit Diesel and weighed almost 70 pounds. It was indestructible, or so we all thought.

Suddenly the laughter and gaiety was shattered by a terrifying explosion. One veteran in the group shouted "incoming"! Everyone dived for cover. But it was already too late.

When the smoke cleared, it was clear that Ms. Penny had absorbed the brunt of the explosion. With no regard for personal safety, she shielded the rest of the group with her body, thus saving the lives of everyone in the motor home.

It was a ghastly scene. Not unlike that of a Beirut car bombing. Ice, frozen fruit, and Bombay Gin covered the walls, furniture, floor and occupants of the motor home. Small pieces of jagged metal shrapnel from the Host Master 3250A were stuck randomly throughout.

If not for the quick action, quick thinking, and slurred speech of Dr. Paul Buckmiester, AWD club member and founder of the Home Surgery Network, Ms. Penny's survival would have been questionable. Using conventional hand tools, fishing line, neoprene cement, dental floss, a 30' piece of sisal line, a frozen Margarita hastily prepared in the auxiliary blender, and some exotic mixed gas that happened to be on hand, Dr. Buckmiester managed the impossible.

For those of us present on that day, we owe our lives to Ms. Penny. Her scar is a symbol of sacrifice. I can only hope that the incident does not make her "Blender Shy" as she has the uncanny ability to mix almost anything with gin to produce a really, really good drink!

. . Mike Boring

Mike wrote this story for Penny as an explaination for her scar to calm any fears that she should not be diving in Truk on the M/V Thorfinn 7 weeks after really major surgery. I first read it after it came across on the hospital ICU FAX the morning after Penny's surgery. Some surprise to me as Mike was in the South Pacific just about as far away from Oklahoma City as possible. The story had the ICU staff in some confusion, but none the less, they were passing it around and carefully reading it and asking no questions.

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