Our Charter Captains

(Under construction)

The brave and skilled men that have taken us there and back.

The tolerant men that have taken all our crap - both verbal and equipment.

In some cases we took their crap - verbal and equipment.


Stu.jpg (17039 bytes)           Stinchfield_party.jpg (21708 bytes)

Stu Stinchfield - one of the first, but also one of us

Skip73.jpg (20251 bytes)

Skip Galamore - He didn't put up with us for long

JuanSky.jpg (27884 bytes)

Juan Mencia took us oyster diving for the Club Christmas party

Sky Conklin (right) even dove in the marina

James.jpg (18597 bytes)

James Dunn - we loved him

Pete Manchee

MikeB_Uni.jpg (23871 bytes)

Mike Boring - preparing to "survey the damage"

BobJ.jpg (14564 bytes)

Bob Johnson - Sea Hunter

BillS.jpg (12801 bytes)

Bill Schawb

   Rick2.jpg (12564 bytes)

Rick Younger - Titan America

CaptMikeH.jpg (8890 bytes)

Mike Hillier - returning from "surveying the damage"

Truman.jpg (14110 bytes)

Truman Seamans - Sundowner

Roger Huffman - Quiet Waters


Kelly.jpg (7991 bytes)

Kelly Seymour - Capt. Kelly, Gale Anne

Scott.jpg (11208 bytes)

Scot Whitfield - Gale Anne

CapCrack.jpg (18704 bytes)

Something had to be said about this picture


-- More coming soon --

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