Dive Reports

May 9 and 10 was blown out at the dock. It was windy and cold. Artie later said that we could have gone out Sunday and the MAC did to prove it, however we knew it would be a worthless dive and I'm sure it was.

Dive Report - May 16-17, 1998

 The air was still and the water was calm as we drove across the Currituck Sound bridge Friday evening. It was just as nice when we crossed the Oregon inlet bridge a little later. Certainly this weekend would be better than the previous one.  That is still questionable, but at least we were going diving.

We arrived at Artie's house in Hatteras about 9:30 PM, to find him sitting up with one hand buried in an ice bucket.  He mumbled something about missing potholders and baking chicken in a frying pan. Oh well, there was no skin missing and he said we were going in the morning. The 7 of us Doug and Penny B., Matt, Karen, Larry, Barbara, and myself; loaded the boat.  We knew the ocean was green and the beach temperature was cool, so we planned on diving the Tarpon and the Proteus. As we left the dock, an errant dock line almost snatched a set of of doubles off the starboard rail, but it wasn't serious.  Artie said his hand was fine and away we went. The ocean was flat, with a light breeze, the sky was clear and sunny. Everything was perfect except the water.As we anchored on the Tarpon, Penny noted that the surface temperature was still only 57, and the water looked green and cold.

Well, the water WAS green and cold.  All the way down!  The vis on the wreck was about 15 feet.  I could have sworn we were off of Ocean City!  There were sea bass on the wreck!  Most of us terminated the dive because we were cold.

A short discussion about where to go for our second dive resulted in several suggestions for the dock.  It seemed like the water couldn't be any worse there.   We got a report from the Abrahms of 6-inch visibility and that settled it. Home we went. Matt managed to get a spectacular sunburn, and I wasn't far behind (I'm still peeling). It was a nice day on the boat with good air temperatures and no spray.

We all enjoyed dinner at Artie's, with the crowd growing every hour.  Artie had a fishing charter the next week with some friends from  New Jersey.  They showed up just before dinner.  John Broadwater and Karen from his office arrived just after dinner.  Those 2 needed a deep dive to certify their status with NOAA for the upcoming Monitor operation, and were joining us on Sunday.

We all called it a night.  The smart ones took the Buckley traveling Motel to the marina.  The remaining idiots were treated to Artie and his NJ fishing friends partying late into the night. Why should they care, they had the day off and it was boys day out, well actually the first day of an entire week off.

Sunday morning was cooler and breezier than Saturday.  Artie was moving a little slow, rumor is he backed down the steps of the house and the rest of us were not looking forward to a long cold boat ride and then a short cold dive.  John and Karen had to get somewhere at least 160 ft. deep, no matter what.  Eventually the AWD members bribed Artie and unloaded our gear. So much for Hatteras in May, 1998.

 PS  The report from Artie later was that he had taken John and Karen to the Lansing.  They made their certification dive, but reported the vis was so bad that they couldn't see their gauges on the wreck.

Clif Darby

On May 16, 1998 we dove the USS Tarpon.

The water temperature was 57F. top and 54F. on the bottom.

This series of thermal images of the North Carolina and Virginia water temperature shows the reason: