1- If you dive with a George Irvine, you'd better let him lead!
(The law of "Volunteering")

2- When putting gas in a tank, always leave room for the oxygen.
(The law of "Avoiding overkill")

3- The more you fuss with a leaking O-ring, the more it leaks.
(The law of "Know-When-To-Quit")

4- Never lend Ron your spear gun.
(The law of "Common Sense")

5- There are days when no matter which way you spit, its upwind.
(The first law of "Reality")

6- When you leave the dock on a calm day - don't count on it .
(The second law of "Reality")

7- Whatever it is that hits the fan, it will not be evenly distributed.
(The third law of "Reality")

8- Never dive with strokes, they have nothing to lose.
(The fourth law of "Reality")

9- When Artie says it's a beautiful day, don't believe it.
(The first law of "Art")

10- Don't go to the Sea Buoy with Capt. Art on a marginal day.
(The second law of "Art")

11- Deep air is a crutch for those who can't cope with fantasy.
(The first law of "Goal Setting")

-- more as they are developed --

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