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The Ships We Dive - Pictures
Great Lakes Wrecks - WWW Links
Maps of the world - WWW Link
The Marine Electric Flag - Story by Doug Buckley
Artifact Preservation - Techniques of preservation
Artifacts - Pictures in the photoalbum
The Importance of Deep Stops - By Rich Pyle
Deco gas, EAN80 Vs 100% - A debate
Tanks, Manufactures and Specifications - Information
Tanks, Information - Information
Club Information
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Dive Boats - Information on the boats we have chartered 
The Billy Mitchell Wrecks - By Clif Darby
Supreme Court Ruling - The steamer Brother Jonathan
Triple Expansion Steam Engines - Story of the ships engines

Dive Report Archive

Diving Bikini, 2004 - By Doug Buckley

Galapagos -2007 - by Doug Buckley
Aug 22 - 23, 1998 Cape Hatteras  - by Doug Buckley
Aug 15 - 16, 1998 Virginia Beach  - by Doug Buckley
July 25 - 26, 1998 Virginia Beach  - Doug Buckley
June 20, 1998 Ocean City  - by Pat Moran
May 16 - 17, 1998, Cape Hatteras - By Clif Darby
Truk Lagoon, February, 1997 - By Mike Boring
Diving the Texas Tower, 1973By Doug Buckley

Photo Archive
AWD in the 1990's - coming soon
AWD in the 1980's
AWD in the 1970's 
Truk Lagoon - Mike Boring
Diving in Ocracoke
Diving in Hatteras
Diving in Virginia Beach
Diving in Chincoteague
Diving in Ocean City, Md.
Artifacts - Pictures of treasures
Fun pictures - Just a collection
Captains - Under construction
AWD goes fishing
AWD Alumni
Charter Boats - Under construction
USS Monitor Propeller recovery - Pictures
DRP - Diver Recycling Program - Humor
St. Augustine - Pictures
Ted's Halycon Rebreather- Pictures
Ships - Pictures of ships we dive on (a few of them)


A Close Encounter - By Mike Boring
The Gulfstream Drifter - By The Mix class of '95
The Scar - An explanation by   Mike Boring
The Diver Recycling Program - A True Photographic Story by Doug Buckley
Capt. Art - Candid snapshots from Cape Hatteras
Take Your Best Shot 
Diving Laws to Remember 




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