Atlantic Wreck Divers

of Maryland

What kind of an organization is the Atlantic Wreck Divers, Inc.?

The Atlantic Wreck Divers is a club made up of experienced divers interested in exploring the many sunken ships along the Atlantic coast.  The club charters boats and arranges dives on wrecks on a non-profit basis.  The club provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas and the development of techniques concerning the exploration of sunken ships.  The club elects officers once each year and holds social events, offers programs of interest to members and provides the opportunity to dive on many interesting shipwrecks.

What does the club offer me?

The club offers you an opportunity to participate in ocean wreck dives at the lowest possible cost.  The cost of the boat charter is divided among the participating divers, and no profit is made by the club for arranging these dives.  The club provides most of the needed safety equipment needed for wreck diving. The Dive Committee arranges dives on many different wrecks during the season and provides the resources to coordinate the activities on the dive boats.  The club offers you a newsletter, a chance to participate in club activities by serving on any of the committees, an opportunity to meet with other divers sharing the same interests, speaking and voting privileges at club meetings, and a chance to develop skills in wreck diving.

Does the club have a training program?

No.  The club does not train divers.  The club requires that a prospective member be certified prior to applying for membership in the Atlantic Wreck Divers, Inc.  The club does provide the opportunity to learn from the more experienced divers in the club through dives and lectures on diving techniques.

Does the club have a safety program?

Yes.  The Club Officers, with member participation, are in charge of setting standards for safe diving on the wrecks.  Part of the safety program is club provided safety equipment needed for wreck diving. Rules and regulations are binding on all members participating in club dives.  These rules have been developed by experienced wreck divers and take into account the type of wreck, location and depth, changing sea and weather conditions, and new developments in the field of SCUBA diving.

Does the club have any special requirement for membership?

Yes.  You must be at least 16 years of age; you must have an Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent.  You must have made a minimum of three ocean wreck dives within the past two years before applying for membership.  You must make one wreck dive with the club before your application can be accepted (this requirement may be waived, based or experience or referal, by  the Executive Committee).

Is there an initiation fee?

Yes.  The initiation fee is $10.00.  This fee is refunded if your application is not accepted by the membership committee.

What are the dues?

Club dues are $24.00 per year prorated on a monthly basis.  For example if you join in May, your dues are $14.00; on June , $12.00, etc..  Club dues cover the cost of the club newsletter, deposits sent to dive boat captains and general operating expenses of the club.

How do I join?

Fill out the membership application form, and sign the Liability Release.  Come to the meeting or send the membership application form, the signed Liability Release and your $10.00 initiation fee to:  The Atlantic Wreck Divers, Inc.
Make checks payable to : Atlantic Wreck Divers.

What happens next?

Your application will be voted upon at the next regular meeting of the club after receipt.  Club meetings are held the second Thursday of the month.  After acceptance into the club you can obtain your own copy of the club constitution and by-laws, and you can also pick up a dive schedule, sign up policy and other information concerning sign-ups for club dives.