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Not often is the camera ready when a lift bag hits the surface

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Truk Lagoon was a great trip - Feb. 1997

PennyTubThor.jpg (27895 bytes)

Penny in the Thorfinn's hot tub between dives in Truk

17 Lbs 8 Oz, from OC, Md.

PennyLob.jpg (11875 bytes)

Penny's lobster fights back - Aug. 1980

Penny now runs a hatchery

BitchGD.jpg (24406 bytes)

Bitch dive on the E. M. Clark

Butts.jpg (15735 bytes)

We busted our ass to get Steffy's brass onboard

DRC_CP.jpg (21014 bytes)

Training at the  "Diver Recycling Center" - mission control

Mike pondering a call to HSN after lifting a set of OMS-121s

AllenLight.jpg (22465 bytes)

This light was left in NC on the bottom for 10 months and still worked

HardCore.jpg (11661 bytes)

Dry suit divers - it's for those long decos

Clif_Larry_Ice.jpg (28850 bytes)

Clif and Larry going south for diving

LabDay97.jpg (21669 bytes)

Miss Lindsey, Labor day 1997

MLCruse.jpg (13827 bytes)

Sun deck on the Miss Lindsey

Matt in the inlet swimming fast -"'man over board"

Strange things happened when divers slept in the summer of '98

PwrRanger.jpg (18103 bytes)

Penny - Power Ranger or blind techdiver?

StAugieFath.jpg (14791 bytes)

St. Augustine

Sign.jpg (38313 bytes)

A US Navy sign in Guam

MikeSub.jpg (23272 bytes)

Mike Boring in Guam with WWII sub

GaleAnne.jpg (18953 bytes)

The Gale Ann loaded for the week in Oakracoke, NC

Doug and Karen on the Eureka - nice day

SteveMeier.jpg (24515 bytes)

Steve looking for his cooler lid after getting blasted by the USCG

I'm Ron, I'm shy, but alive and that is no jive - had to cut my way out and cut a knuckle doing it

Hal_HSS.jpg (40202 bytes)

A trusty HSS technican, Hal Good, filling tanks at Doug's garage


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