Ten years of
Diving Ocracoke, NC.
(Part 1)

Mored at the dock ready to load up for the week
Everyting in Ocracoke starts and ends with a boat ride
The gypsies arrival in town
Newlon rigging - always doing something, getting ready
A Doug & Doug bow sprint pointing back to Oakracoke
Scot told Freddie he wasn't diving with those jerks again - and didn't
O'Neal let us dock for a few summers
...but we brought back too many fish
Who knows what Penny G. was laughing about
Hal hanging on a day when everyting went from left to right
This blue water was is Key West the day before
Climbing back on board
Doug got the auxuliary helm from the Empire Gem on the first dive
Eating dinner at the Back Porch
Hal loved the crabs at Marie's
A blow out day, but nice on the beach
Camp set-up
We caught more fish than the charter boats
Filling tanks in camp - no one liked the noise
Tuning up the Mako - it was the only air around
Usually tanks got filled at night - good time for a cold beer
Killians and bug spray
Scot and Freddie kept the fish coming
The group shower saved water
Meals on the Gale Anne spare nothing (on good days)
Penny helping to drive home - well...
Life on the Gale Anne was fun - even blow outs
Scot got a citation from the Park Service for the boat's grill
Nice fish Penny - but the sunglasses?
Scot hauls in a beautiful Bull Dolphin - between dives
Doug N., Penny, Doug B., Karen, Penny G., Hal G., and Joe

|| Continued on Part II ||

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