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Then and Now

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The Wreck Diver at Chincoteague - just getting started (RIP)

The Wreck Diver before diving

Gekos.jpg (35451 bytes)

Gekos (Taken form the Quiet Waters (RIP) off Hatteras)

Forego.jpg (22166 bytes)

Forego - in Wilmington

MrB.jpg (25570 bytes)

Mr. B - Sneads Ferry, NC.

OlymousII.jpg (20473 bytes)

Oylmpus II - Morehead City, NC.

GaleAnne.jpg (19013 bytes)

Gale Ann

MargieII.jpg (12432 bytes)  MargieBow.jpg (22026 bytes)

Margie II - Hatteras

Rapture.jpg (28697 bytes)

Rapture of the Deep - RIP

PirateCoral.jpg (17858 bytes)

Pirate (RIP) and Coral Sea - Sneads Ferry, NC.

Avon.jpg (21102 bytes)

Doug and Penny's Avon - diving between charters 1975

The Olympus now

dexplore.jpg (14157 bytes)

Deep Explorer - Virginia Beach, Va.

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