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An early trip to the Eureka on the Sea Hunter

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Memorial Day on the Sea Hunter

Snake oil from the Eureka

Gauges.jpg (34417 bytes)

Gauges fromthe Cassimar

PennyGauge.jpg (20846 bytes)

Gauge and light from the Cassimar

PirateTelle.jpg (20847 bytes)

Cassimar engine room telegraph

Port_Monroe.jpg (17394 bytes)

Monroe porthole

Doug & Karen - E. M. Clark Bell

Doug Buckley - Cassimir Bell

Hal Good - Porthole from the Empire Thrush

Mike Boring - part of a collection

Mike - Harvested from the light farm on the Morgan

Larry and Pat with Silverware from the St. Augustine

steam.jpg (45138 bytes)

Pump steam engine from the "Govenor" 1863

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Empire Gem bridge helm hanging under the Quiet Waters

HelmClif.jpg (20501 bytes)

Clif unloading the Benson stern helm from the Rapture - Oregon Inlet

CaseBeer.jpg (22822 bytes)

A case of beer in Truk Lagoon

SwarmPL.jpg (15490 bytes)

Bob Swarm and port light from the Ethyl-C

TrorGauges.jpg (15718 bytes)

Engine room in Truk Lagoon

-- More coming soon --

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